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mercoledì 20 ottobre 2010

Paul Zaza ~ The Vindicator (1986)

I don't know who I am.
I'm a monster.
I can't feel, I can't love.
I'm not human.
You can't love death.

The Vindicator (1986)
Country: USA | Canada
Director: Jean-Claude Lord
Writers: Edith Rey, David Preston
Release Date: 14 February 1986 (USA)

They thought they took his he wants theirs.
Invincible. Unstoppable. Indestructible.
He's out on the street and out of control!

Audio CD
Album: The Vindicator
Composer: Paul Zaza
Original Release Date: Canada 14 February 1986

Genre: Soundtrack
Label: 20th Century Fox
© 20th Century Fox Records Ltd.
© Frank & Stein Film Productions | © Michael Levy Enterprises


The Vindicator (1986) Main Theme  |1:47
The Vindicator (1986) End Titles  |3:17
The Vindicator (1986) End Titles (narrator)  |4:05
| DDD | Audio CD | CBR 320 Kbps/48.1 kHz/Stereo |
| File Size: 24 mb | pass: vindicator |

Original Music by Paul Zaza

Here: MedFire!

...An employee of a secret company operation becomes the victim of the company's special weapons project. He is transformed into a robotic killing machine that, because of his programming must destroy anything that comes near him...

I reprogrammed myself in the computer room
I don't have to kill anymore!

© Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
© Frank & Stein Film Productions, Michael Levy Enterprises. All Rights Reserved.

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