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domenica 1 maggio 2011

G.E.N.E. ~ Rain Forest (1993)

Real Name: Cléo de Mallio & Michael Weisser
Members: Cléo de Mallio, Crystal Binelly, Lisa-Maria Tedesca, Michael Weisser, Peter Mergener

G.E.N.E., was born in June 1987, sometime during a late-night conversation around a campfire in the Canadian woods. As might be expected in such a setting, the talk ranged freely - over nature and technology, the world and the machine, new digital sounds and old emotional needs. That night, Vancouver-born Cléo de Mallio took the first steps on a musical odyssey that is still unfolding.

Trough the years de Mallio has taken G.E.N.E. around the world and back again, from the North Woods ( Life is a Melody ) to the tropics ( Rain Forest ), from America Southwest ( KatChina ) to the Indian Ocean ( Diving Dreams ), from the Mediterranean Sea ( Mediterranean Mood ) to the Land of Birds ( Get the Taste )...

Her mission: create a style of music that exists at the intersection between nature and technology, that would unite the recording studio and the exotic places of the earth.

Hence the name G.E.N.E., an acronym for Grooving Electronic Natural Environments !

G.E.N.E. ~ "Rain Forest" Slide show

Daughter of a pianist and ballet dancer and graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, de Mallio is no stranger to creativity.
"It's not just another world to me," she says. "It's an important ans necessary part of life. Creativity can only exist where mind and body are stimulated in the same way. Where could that be easier than in nature ? G.E.N.E. is my focal point" sge adds.

"I take sound samples from nature and process them on my computer, as if I were mixing colours oa a palette. Then I try to paint pictures of power and tenderness, elegance and depth."

G.E.N.E. ~ Rain Forest (1993)

Format: CD, Album
Country: Canada/Germany
Original Release Date: January1993
Genre: Electronic
Style: New Age, Ambient
Label: IC
© Innovative Communication

Album Song:
1   Forest Love  |4:39
2   Rain Forest  |6:15
3   Lovely Blossoms  |6:07
4   Warm Welcome  |4:36
5   Bird's Paradise  |4:32
6   Honey Bees  |3:46
7   Ghost Valley  |3:14
8   Green To Green  |3:32
9   Tropical Grooves  |3:57
10   A Soft Sun  |3:18
11   Call Of Birds  |4:50
12   Tropical Trees  |5:32
13   Misty Mountain  |6:04
14   Days Of Thunder  |5:29

Total Length: 1:06:05

+ bonus

15  Rain Forest Mixed  |9:53

| DDD | Audio CD | CBR 320 Kbps/48.1 kHz/Stereo |
| File Size: 197 mb. | Pass:  g.e.n.e. |

Composed by Cléo de Mallio, Lisa-Maria Tedesca
Mixed by Steven Toeteberg
Photography: Mark Sakautzky, Michael Weisser
Photography (Cléo De Mallio Photo): Friedrun Reinhold
Producer: Michael Weisser

Here: MedFire!

G.E.N.E. ~ Rain Forest

Listen & Enjoy!

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