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domenica 30 ottobre 2011

Michael McCann ~ Deus Ex Human Revolution™ (2011)

Deus Ex Human Revolution™

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an action role-playing game developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix. It is the third game in the Deus Ex series, and a prequel to the original game released in 2000.

Developer: Eidos Montreal, Nixxes Software
Publisher: Square Enix
Designer: Jean-François Dugas, David Anfossi
Written by Mary DeMarle
Composed by Michael McCann
Series: Deus Ex
Engine: Modified Crystal Dynamics Crystal engine
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Original Release Date: NA August 23, 2011, AU August 25, 2011, EU August 26, 2011, JP September 8, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution - E3 Trailer Italiano

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Full Intro And Prologue

The game is set in 2027, 25 years before the first title, where corporations have extended their influence past the reach of global governments. The game follows Adam Jensen, the security chief for one of the game's most powerful corporations, Sarif Industries. After a devastating attack on Sarif's headquarters, Adam is forced to undergo radical surgeries that fuse his body with mechanical augmentations, and he is embroiled in the search for those responsible for the attack.

Human Revolution received critical acclaim upon its release, with many reviewers praising the open-ended nature of the game and the weight of conversations on the outcome of events. Criticisms were leveled at shortcomings such as ammo quantities, long loading times, and the inclusion of boss fights.

This cyberpunk-inspired game takes place during the year 2027, 25 years before Deus Ex. Nanotechnological augmentations have yet to be developed and biomechanical augmentations are the current state of the art. The main protagonist, Adam Jensen (voiced by Elias Toufexis), is a private security officer with Sarif Industries, a leading company that specializes in human augmentations. After he witnesses an attack on his company which leaves him horrifically injured and forced to undergo augmentation to survive, "the conspiracy begins." The player visits four cities over the course of the game, including Detroit, Shanghai, Montreal, and Singapore. In addition, the protagonist has his own apartment where he may store his secrets and collected information. The events in the game lead to the formation of UNATCO from the original game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution™ Soundtrack

Audio CD
Composed by Michael McCann
Published by Square Enix Europe
Catalog number: MDXHRZZZ02
Release type: Promo / Enclosure
Format: 1 CD - 12 tracks
Label: Square Enix Europe
Original Release Date: August 25, 2011
Genre: Ambient: Electronic / Classical / Classical: Modern / Classical: Neo-classical / Classical: Orchestral Music / Classical: Renaissance / Electronica / Electronica: Abstract / Electronica: Cinematic / Electronica: Trip-Hop / Electronica: Urban / Vocal
© Square Enix Europe

CD Tracklist:
 1. Icarus - Main Theme  |3:44
2. Opening Credits  |2:14
3. Main Menu  |1:50
4. Barret Boss Fight  |2:48
5. Detroit City Ambient Part 1  |2:02
6. And Away We Go  |1:17
7. Lower Hengsha Ambient Part 1  |2:16
8. Return To Hengsha  |2:27
9. HongHua Brothel  |1:55
10. Everybody Lies  |4:42
11. LIMB Clinic  |1:41
12. Endings  |2:10

Duration: 29:06
| DDD | Audio CD | CBR 320 Kbps/48.1 kHz/Stereo |
| File Size: 119 mb.| Pass: deusex |

All traks Composed by Michael McCann

Here: MedFire!

 Adam Jensen – The central protagonist, Adam was a SWAT commander in the Detroit Police, but his career came to an end when he refused to follow a questionable order. Subsequently, Adam became a private security specialist for Sarif Industries, assigned to protect scientists on the verge of cutting edge breakthroughs. During what should have been a routine security detail, an ambush by a rogue black ops team, the Tyrants, leaves Adam critically injured and his charges dead. Adam awakens with cybernetic augmentations, and begins a relentless search for the truth behind the attack.
 Dr. Megan Reed - One of the lead researchers at Sarif Industries and Adam's ex-girlfriend. Dr. Reed is considered a pioneer in the field of human enhancement technologies. Her dedication to her research, and her aloof demeanor, has made it difficult for her to cultivate lasting interpersonal relationships.
 David Sarif – The founder and CEO of Sarif Industries, David is a futurist who developed an interest in machines at an early age. He is known for his forward, honest demeanor, though he has no aversion to keeping secrets when appropriate.
 Jaron Namir – An Israeli-born mercenary, Namir is the field commander for the Tyrants. Officially a senior member of the PMC Belltower Associates, he actually takes his orders from the Illuminati. A merciless combatant, yet also a devoted family man, he has had numerous cybernetic enhancements to compensate for the decline associated with advanced age.
 Lawrence Barrett - A former marine turned mercenary, Barrett is a member of the Tyrants. Like Namir, he has augmented his already impressive physique with numerous cybernetic upgrades. He lives for the moment when he's beaten his enemy into submission, and Adam Jensen is his next target.
 Yelena Federova - A statuesque, athletic woman of Afro-Russian descent, Yelena is one of Belltower's most elite assasins. Unlike Barrett, she favors stealth over brute force. Being one of few women in a male-dominated profession has strongly influenced her worldview, making her cautious of everything around her.
 Faridah Malik - A helicopter pilot for Sarif Industries, she transports Jensen into various missions and locations. In one of the side missions, Malik asks Jensen to help her find the murderer of her best friend in Hengsha and bring him to justice.
 Frank Pritchard - The head of Sarif's cyber-security team, Frank has a sour relationship with Jensen, however, he is Jensen's main logistical support during his missions.
 Eliza Cassan - A reporter for the international news network, Picus TV. Eliza is later revealed to be an AI programmed to spin information. However, she shows interest in Jensen and his activities and supports him in uncovering the conspiracy.
 Bill Taggart - A psychologist, Bill is the founder of the Humanity Front and becomes a leading opposition to human augmentation, a cause he took up after his wife's murder by an augmented addict.
 Isaias Sandoval - Taggart's chief aide, who joins the Humanity Front after his augmented brother goes on a rampage and is talked down by Taggart.
 Zeke Sanders - A former augmented soldier and Isaias's brother, Zeke is the leader of the anti-augmentation extremist group, Purity First, who leads an attack on a Sarif manufacturing plant.
 Tong Si Hung - The biggest crime boss in Hengsha, Tong owns a nightclub called the Hive. Tong can help Jensen find the hacker who assisted in the attack on Sarif. Later, he is revealed to be the leader of the Harvesters, a gang who deals in black market human enhancement augmentations as well as being the father of Tracer Tong, a character in the original Deus Ex.
 Zhao Yun Ru - One of the primary antagonists, she is the president of Tai Yong Medical, a rival company against Sarif Industries whose company is attempting to take control of the bio-modification market.
 Hugh Darrow - The godfather of Augmentation, after having retired, builds Panchaea to help control global warming. Seen as a hero for David and Megan, however, it is revealed that he regrets creating augmentation and plans to end bio-modification in a sinister and frightening way.

Human Revolution deals with the ethics of transhumanism, and carries an overarching message of humanity's reach exceeding its grasp. "Mankind is using mechanical augmentations," director Jean-Francois Dugas said before the game's release, "but there is still much to be determined in terms of their effect on society and the ultimate direction it will lead us in." The Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus appears in Adam Jensen's dreams as an allegory to this thought, and also—given that both Daedalus and Icarus were the names of artificial intelligences in Deus Ex—an intellectual bridge to the original game. The pace of technological development is reflected visually by a Renaissance theme. Characters who support the advances of human augmentation dress themselves and decorate their homes in reinterpreted late-medieval Italian style, and the game as a whole has a sepia-tinted colour palette reminiscent of historic manuscripts. In contrast, characters who oppose or are of neutral opinion to augmentations wear clothing that is more or less current-day.[citation needed] As was the case in Deus Ex, conspiracy theories and immensely powerful corporations feature strongly.

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