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mercoledì 29 settembre 2010

Gabriele Ducros ~ Maya (1989)

Music by Gabriele Ducros 
Gabriele Ducros was born on June, 26 1957 in Milan, Italy

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Original Release Date: Italy, 1989
Genre: Soundtrack
© 1982 Sigma Cinematografica Roma

Gabriele Ducros ~ Maya (End Titles)

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Here: Mega!

Directed by Marcello Avallone
Written by Marcello Avallone, Andrea Purgatori

Special Effects by Giuseppe Carozza
Elios Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy.


Mariangélica Ayala as Jahaira
Mariella Valentini as Lisa Slivak
Mirella D'Angelo as Laura
Antonella Angelucci as Maria

Marcello Avallone (1938) è un regista e sceneggiatore italiano.

...Horror veteran William Berger stars as Dr. Slivak,who is murdered while undertaking a study of a Mayan pyramid.A number of bizarre supernatural murders follow,while Slivak's daughter and old friend attempt to solve the mystery...

Marcello Avallone's Maya (1989) English Trailer

Marcello Avallone's Maya (1989) German Trailer

The bloodthirsty ghost of an ancient Mayan king is set free when an archaeologist snoops around in his burial grounds. The resurrected king spares no time before wreaking havoc, and this sets off a frantic search for some way to stop him before his wrath destroys all the living world.

Bella, Beauty...

Paura e...

Morte, Death!

© 1982 Sigma Cinematografica Roma. All Rights Reserved.

Mirella D'Angelo


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