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martedì 5 ottobre 2010

Mark Rutherford ~ Rogue Warrior: Black Razor (2009)

Developer: Rebellion Developments
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Writers: Rebecca Levene, Paul Mackman
Release Date: 1 December 2009 (USA)

In Rogue Warrior, the United States has sent in Richard Marcinko, a veteran Navy SEAL, on a mission into North Korea to disrupt ballistic missile launchers. As players progress, Marcinko will encounter numerous enemies and allies as he is sent from locations such as Korea, Russia, and others to pursue terrorists with dangerous missile capabilities. The plot is not based on the autobiography by the game's protagonist, Richard Marcinko. Marcinko is voiced by actor Mickey Rourke.

Original Music by Mark Rutherford

Marcinko is voiced by actor Mickey Rourke.

Featuring the voice of Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee, Mickey Rourke, Rogue Warrior was inspired by Marcinko’s New York Times bestseller of the same name and his subsequent novels based loosely on his own past military experiences. Marcinko’s defiant, crude, and sometimes ruthless behavior has earned him both glory and infamy in the history books.

~Rogue Warrior ~ Demo Dick' Marcinko Rap~

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Rogue Warrior is primarily a first person shooter with tactical elements. The player assumes control of Navy SEAL Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko, also known as "Rogue Warrior". The primary goal for Marcinko begins as an infiltration mission to disrupt hostile missiles and evolves to prevent other potentially dangerous situations. To achieve this goal, Marcinko may use a wide array of weapons and explosives. Such weapons include AK-47s, grenades, and combat knives. In addition to weapons, Marcinko may also utilize explosives barrels and gas tanks to eliminate enemies.

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The game begins with Richard Marcinko, a Navy SEAL, being sent into Unggi, North Korea with two other SEALs on a classified mission to retrieve intelligence from a North Korean mole on ballistic missiles of an unfamiliar design that North Korea is supposedly in possession of, as well as to recon a factory that is allegedly developing the missiles. Shortly after touching ground, Marcinko's unit successfully takes out a North Korean Army patrol, but one of the North Koreans suffers only wounds and manages to pull the pin of one of his grenades, killing Marcinko's team. Admiral Travis Peyton (voiced by Neal McDonough), the commander of the operation, demands that Marcinko abort, but he refuses, saying he intends to finish the mission. After fighting through Unggi, Marcinko realizes the mole was killed. However, he finds the intel in the mole's apartment room on missile launchers that have been developed in Unggi.

Marcinko is then ordered by Peyton to disable the missile launchers by any means necessary. Marcinko enters the facility that is producing the missile launchers, but finds that only one is present. According to intelligence received from Peyton, the rest of the launchers are being moved out by sea. After destroying the missile, Marcinko heads to the Unggi harbor, and sees that they are actually being sent out of Unggi by train to the Soviet Union, less than 20 km from the city. Marcinko boards the train and destroys it as it crosses the border. Marcinko enters Soviet territory and gathers intelligence that the ballistic missiles were of Soviet origin, not North Korean. Marcinko also notices that the ballistic missiles were smuggled out of North Korea to a palace in the Soviet Union. Peyton warns that an attempt to go after the missiles will not only result in Marcinko's court-martial but even war between the US and the Soviet Union. Marcinko dismisses these warnings and goes after the missiles.

Marcinko enters the palace where the missiles are located. He contacts Peyton, who threatens to have Marcinko court-martialed for disobeying orders. Marcinko suggests that he found proof that the USSR created a missile defense program aimed to deter any US nuclear launch on Soviet territory. This program was similar to the real-life US Star Wars program aimed at deterring any Soviet missile attack on US territory. Marcinko launches a missile at the palace, destroys the missiles located in a bunker under the palace, and escapes the palace. Marcinko then goes to a dam to disrupt electricity to a Soviet submarine base . Marcinko then heads to the submarine base with the purpose of destroying a submarine carrying similar nuclear warheads. Marcinko escapes onto a patrol boat with Navy SEALs aboard that were sent by Peyton to help Marcinko. Marcinko hands over a computer chip to the commanding SEAL of the boat and tells him that it is evidence that justifies Marcinko's actions that is to be presented at his court-martial.

Richard Marcinko using a kill move to eliminate an enemy. A third-person perspective is used when showing kill moves.

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